The Pursuit of Happiness

What do I mean to this world? What am I supposed to do with my life? Heck, what am I supposed to do when I wake up next morning? Am I supposed to be useful? How can I make more money? How do I become happier?

We don’t pretend to have all the answers… We only know that most of us were once tormented by these same questions, and some of us are still in torment. In fact, I guess you can say we are all in different stages of finding answers, and we have good days and bad days like everyone else.

But, what we believe is that—All of us, in order to feel truly happy and fulfilled, need to contribute something meaningful to the world; and our contributions are the tattoos we create.

This is our Pursuit of Happiness.

We are looking for...

We’re looking for people who are looking to fulfill their lives by creating something beautiful. We’re looking for people who’ve tried different things and failed, and who aren’t afraid to try again. We’re looking for people who are open to new ideas, constructive criticisms and different ways of learning. We’re looking for people who feel that working with a group of artists can be the inspiration they are looking for. We’re looking for people who think that respecting themselves means doing their best work. We’re looking for people looking for a second chance to find themselves. We’re looking for people who are looking for a career, and not just a job. Most of all, we’re looking for people who have more questions than answers.

Skills: Strong art foundation, Perferably proficent in photoshop, Common sense and Respect

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Learn various techniques of putting ink permenently into skin, starting with linework, blackwork, shading, and colour packing.

Learn to work with clients end to end: the design process, consultation, idea presentation, and tattooing on human skin.

Learn the differences between design on paper vs. the human body.

Meet the best tattoo artists in the world during conventions and guest spots.

You'll be given every opportunity to become a professional tattoo artist.

Schools We've Worked with

Right before an apprentice graduates from our apprentice program, we ask them to tattoo strangers so they can get used to interacting with clients other than their family and friends.

If you're interested in donating your skin to the final step of their journey, please send us a message below with your tattoo idea.

Our apprentices have been trained and certified in provincial Blood Borne Pathogen and Worksite Safety and they've done many successful tattoos. We will ensure your tattoo idea is well within the capabilities of our apprentice.

Becoming a professional tattoo artist is life changing and this is your chance to be a part of their journey.

  • Toronto (Downtown)
  • Toronto (Midtown)
  • Markham


378 Yonge St, 
2nd Floor,
 Toronto, Ontario 
M5B 1S6


416 - 341 - 0311


12pm to 8pm – Everyday


252 Eglinton Ave East,
 2nd Floor, 
Toronto, Ontario 
M4P 1K2


416 - 544 - 0311


12pm to 8pm – Everyday


7381 Kennedy Rd,
 Unit #105, 
Markham, Ontario 
L3R 5B5


905 - 305 - 0311


12pm to 8pm – Everyday

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