We are the first, and only, piercing studio to have received APP (Association of Professional Piercers memberships in Toronto & Vancouver, and one of only 14 in all of Canada. APP membership is a much lauded and difficult to obtain membership for professional piercers.


The APP is the Association of Professional Piercers, a California-based global association. They are dedicated to sharing safe piercing information to piercers, health care professionals, legislators, and the public. They are involved in health and piercing conferences, as well as piercing health and safety seminars, courses, and industry news.


APP membership recognizes adhering to the highest standards in health and safety practices among professional piercers. Members are also kept up to date with the latest piercing techniques and health education courses and information. This means APP members can provide their clients with the best and safest piercing practices.


Chronic Ink congratulates two of our top piercers, Becky and Whitney, as official members of the APP. Membership requires meeting strict personal and environmental criteria for health and safety. We are proud to provide a piercing environment that meets the high standards of the APP, and of our dedicated and knowledgeable professional piercers.


More information about the Association of Professional Piercers can be found at You can find some of our Becky’s impressive work on their instagram page, Rebecca “Becky” Kapalko.