When looking through a list of tattoo’s, colour realism tattoos are usually the ones that make you stop for a second and ask yourself “how did they get that tattoo to look so lifelike?

What is Colour Realism?

Colour realism is a fine art style that captures the full and realistic colour of an object and how it transforms and relates to surrounding sources of light. These rich and accurate colours combine to create a sense of space and form. In practicing this art form, artists and tattoo artists in particular, are able capture the intricate beauty found in the common objects, people, and places we see everyday.

A colour realism style tattoo of a beautiful woman with long red hair.

Colour Realism Tattoos

Capturing the essence of true authentic colour realism in a tattoo is a very intricate and delicate process. However, provided you are working with a very skilled tattoo artist, this style can been adapted to look beautiful on the human canvas.

The unique beauty that a colour realism tattoo offers comes from the intricate design and incredible sense of depth. A more popular choice for people considering colour realism tattoos are flowers, roses in particular. The bright and beautiful saturation in the colour along with the delicate and textual details found in roses combines for a very visually appealing aesthetic. There are many other popular options people opt for like skull and colour portraits.

Colour realism tattoos are a very popular style in Eastern Europe. That’s why we’ve chosen to work with a number of guest artists with experience in this field so that we can offer the best and most authentic experience.

Colour Realism Tattoos are becoming more popular because of their incredible aesthetic appeal. Due to the large amounts of detail and precision involved with this tattoo style, it is very important to consult with a professional tattoo artist who has a wealth of experience so they can better inform you how to care for and maintain the colour of your tattoo. Sit down with an artist for a brainstorming session to go over the best way to make your Colour Realism tattoo look amazing.