This David sounds like someone you know. He sounds like your sister who doesn’t know what she wants to do with her life, or your friend’s father who’s tried every job possible. He sounds like YOU, the past, present, and hopefully future version.

This is when you realize the story of David is about hope and perseverance. The last 4 years before David became a tattoo artist – at his peak, he was a successful restaurateur with 5 booths inside the CNE and a profitable food truck. But, happiness isn’t defined by how many restaurants you own, or how many burgers you sell, and not by how much money you make. The truly blessed and perceptive ones understand it’s more than that. At the end of the day, he wasn’t happy because he wasn’t fulfilling his passion, which is to create art.

That’s when he walked away from everything he’d helped to create in the food industry, to start in the tattoo world where he would once again be at the bottom.

So if you talk to David, don’t just ask him where he’s going. Make sure you talk to him about where he’s been, and then look at his sketches; in fact, take a look at his sketches now, everything will make more sense.