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Chronic Ink Collaborations and Partnerships

The Chronic Ink Mission

The endless pursuit of growth. By partnering with other like-minded brands we continue to expand the boundaries of where our art can go and the ways we operate as a tattoo studio. We set out to create one of 
a kind experiences through joint ventures and activations.

Hand Painted by 
Tristen Zhang

Chronic Ink Co-Founder

Beauty Comes Custom

Chronic Ink x Aston Martin 
& Grand Touring Automobiles

The artistry of tattooing and creating one of a kind luxury vehicles is what connected the Chronic Ink family and the Aston Martin group. To celebrate the true uniqueness of what we both do, we created a truely 1 of 1 Aston Martin DB11.

Chronic Ink Co-Founder Tristen Zhang hand painted custom artwork onto the Aston Martin DB11 which was then showcased at the Grand Touring Automobiles Grand Opening as well as at a three day pop-up event at Yorkdale, where we also offered live tattooing and walk-in tattoos.


Chronic Ink x Lululemon

Mindfulness practice is synonymous with both art and yoga. This connection is what brought Chronic Ink to collaborate with the like-minded Lululemon.

Our Chinese New Year campaign led to a custom Lululemon t-shirt, designed by Chronic Ink’s own Winson Tsai, being sold in five Lululemon stores from the GTA and Vancouver. A second t-shirt was also designed by David Hoang which was sold and showcased during a two day pop-up event at the Lululemon Concept space on Ossington.


Chronic Ink x BMW

“Be the one who dares” is the slogan for the new BMW X2. What says daring like wrapping two BMW X2’s in custom artwork designed by over 12 Chronic Ink artists?

  • seneca
  • jack-jones
  • mitchell
  • goodlife
  • la-fitness

Want to collaborate with Chronic Ink?

Contact Marketing & Partnerships Manager, Josh Skrupskas