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Microshading & Microblading Aftercare


Aftercare is an important part of both Microblading and Microshading. Without proper aftercare pigment can lift from the brow area causing your eyebrows to not look as full as desired. At Chronic Ink we recommend the following steps be followed to ensure that your eyebrows heal as well as possible.

Day 1

For 24 hours after the procedure do not get your eyebrow area wet. If needed you can dab the area with a clean cotton pad to remove any excess plasma and help reduce scabbing.

Day 2

It is okay to get your brow area wet, but do not wash directly or rub/touch your brows.

Do not apply any moisturizing or makeup products to your eyebrows.

Days 3-10

Continue to keep your eyebrows as dry as possible and refrain from using any products.

Once all scabbing has naturally fallen off, it is okay to go back to your normal routines for makeup, moisturizer, and cleansing.

Aftercare Products

We reccomend and sell After Inked which contains grape seed oil.(avoid soaps containing triclosan).

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