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Toronto & Markham Microblading and Microshading Eyebrow Services

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Creating Your Perfect Eyebrows
with Microblading or Microshading

Microshading and Microblading are the semi permanent secrets to creating the fuller eyebrows you desire in the shape that you have always wanted. Both treatments can achieve this while keeping your eyebrows looking defined yet natural, unlike traditional cosmetic tattooing.

The Microshading and Microblading Process

1. Preparation

Your brow artist will work with you to find the best brow shape suited for your face/features and maps your brows using a wax pencil. The brow area is then cleaned up by tweezing and prepared for treatment

2. Numbing

A topical numbing cream is applied for 20 minutes.

3. Microshading or Microblading Begins

The Microblading procedures and/or Microshading beings. Using a manual or electronic hand tool, pigment will be gently implanted into the skin.

4. Aftercare

After 5-6 weeks of healing - if required - a top up session is done to fill any gaps where pigment has lifted or not healed properly. For more about our aftercare process, click the link below.

Microshading & Microblading Aftercare

What is the difference between Microshading and Microblading?

Most people have heard of Microblading before. It’s the process of tattooing very fine lines to mimic the look of natural brow hairs. It can be used to enhance sparse eyebrows or further boost the look of full brows. It is a semi-permanent treatment that should only be performed by a microblading artist using a high quality microblading pen. The pen allows the brow artist to insert pigment into your brow area within the top layers of skin

Microshading is very similar to microblading, but gives more of a shadow or powdered effect. Where microblading will leave small natural looking hair strokes, shading will leave pinpoint dots that give a much softer look. Although the process is relatively similar, microshading results in better pigment retention for all skin types.

Both forms of treatment will allow you to get fuller eyebrows in any shape that you desire. Some people will choose to combine treatments to get the best of both methods.


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Taking bookings tentatively for June 1st, 2020.

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