cartilageLooking to get your ear cartilage pierced in Toronto & Vancouver? You can find comfort that all of the piercers Chronic Ink works with come with a wealth of experience and work to standards well above Toronto & Vancouver Public Health guidelines. We take a lot of pride in being one of the “Best Piercing Studios in Toronto & Vancouver” as rated by Blog TO. With many years of in-house experience, our studio is able to make whatever piercing you’ve been dreaming of a reality. 

Not Decided on the Style?


There are many different ear piercings that you can get to suit your personal style. We urge you to look at some of Chronic Inks other piercing pages to find more information on placements such as: Daith, orbital, conch and other ear related piercings.

Caring for your Cartilage Piercings

Many people like to consider themselves good at piercing their friend’s ears. Though it can seem harmless, this can expose your body to a multitude of risks. Not only is sanitization a major consideration when performing a body piercing, proper placement is also an essential for proper healing. Cartilage does not contain blood vessels, but your piercing still needs oxygen and nutrients to properly heal. Because of this, it relies on small capillaries in the area. Improper placements can destroy surrounding capillaries making it difficult, if not impossible for the piercing site to heal itself.

Typically, the initial jewelry can be removed after 6 to 8 weeks. Typical healing time is 6 to 8 months.

Using a piercing gun rather than a needle can lead to similar issues with placement, as well as sanitary concerns. Guns cannot be properly sterilized in an autoclave, as well as most establishments using them do not have a sterilization facility on the premises. The guns use impact force to break or shatter the cartilage at the piercing site, and can cause prolonged painful healing and massive scarring, among other issues.

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