dermalsConsidering getting your new dermal piercing in Toronto & Vancouver? Chronic Ink has everything you need in terms of talented piercers and properly caring for your new piercing. All of Chronic Ink’s piercers are fully trained and adhere to all of the high standards set forth by Toronto & Vancouver Public Health. Our piercing studio is known as one of the“Best Piercing Studios in Toronto & Vancouver” according to Blog TO. You are getting your new dermal piercing with the highest of standards when you get it done with our experienced professionals.


Mostly any flat surface of the body is eligible for a dermal piercing. In dermal piercing, only one end of the ornament emerges from the surface of the skin; the other end is embedded in the dermal layer of the skin. This gives the appearance of having small beads on the surface of the skin.

Popularity of Dermal Piercings

Dermal piercings have become quite popular because they can be placed on almost any flat surface of the body. The appearance of small beads on the skin can be very subtle and sophisticated.

Healing Process

You have to be careful for the first 6-8 weeks to avoid “pulling” or “catching” the piercing on a piece of clothing or other objects. This can unsettle the piercing and may lead to rejection or in the worst case, tearing. Like any other piercing, it will only be made quicker if you are carefully following the aftercare, it has proper placement, and higher jewelry quality was chosen. Being indirect, and reducing friction is very important, however, if you are in a position where you need to touch the piercing, your hands and the area around the piercing should be thoroughly cleaned beforehand. The full healing time for a dermal piercing is heavily dependent on where it is placed. Please consult a professional piercing expert for advice here.

Caring for your Dermal Piercing

Our piercers will always give you appropriate aftercare advice that has been tailored specifically to the placement of your new piercing. It’s also vital that you follow the advice given by our piercing professionals as improper care can lead to the new piercing eventually becoming rejected by the body and irritations and infections could take effect. For more advice on proper piercing aftercare and to talk about any discomfort you may be experiencing with your new dermal piercing, contact our professionals today.


Jewelry for dermal piercings is comprised of two parts, the anchor, and the top. As the anchor is embedded in your skin, it should be composed of high-quality materials to ensure its longevity and hygiene. At Chronic Ink, our piercing artists use high quality, implant grade titanium as the anchor. Typically, the initial top can be removed after 3 to 4 weeks.

The top of the piercing, besides requiring compatibility with the anchor, can consist of whatever you like. These fixtures can be made from titanium, gold, silver, steel and many other different kinds of materials. They can also contain jewelled beads and other accessories.

One of the best parts is that they are very often interchangeable. As long as the anchors are compatible, a dermal piercing top can be moved around to different piercings as you see fit!

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