Eyebrow Piercings at Chronic Ink

eyebrowConsidering a new eyebrow piercing? Chronic Ink has a lot of in house skill and experience to make sure your eyebrow piercing goes smoothly. All of Chronic Ink’s piercers are fully trained and exceed all the criteria established in the  Toronto & Vancouver Public Health guidelines. We take a lot of pride that our Toronto & Vancouver piercing service have been regarded as one of the “Best Piercing Studios in Toronto & Vancouver” by Blog TO. When you come into our studio, you are receiving a body piercing with the highest standards.


A properly placed eyebrow piercing is made through the thicker strip of tissue across and above the eye. It is typically pierced from above the corner of the eye, and outwards (away from the eye). When getting an eyebrow piercing closer to the nose, there is a slight risk of brushing agains a nerve cluster in this area. This could lead to minor numbness or muscular twitches after the piercing.

History of Eyebrow Piercings

While most body piercings have their roots in ancient history, the eyebrow piercing is relatively young in piercing culture. They became more prominent in the mid 70’s in punk culture and have since become a fairly popular piercing location. In fact, piercings in the eyebrow section are the third most popular location of all piercings done.


Common among eyebrow rings jewelry types are barbells both regular and curved. 

With any new piercing, it is recommended to not remove the jewelry for extended periods of time. If you are unsure of how to change the jewelry, or if the piercing is adequately healed, it’s best to consult with your piercer. Only when your eyebrow piercing is completely healed, and you are comfortable manipulating the jewelry, should you consider changing the jewelry by yourself. The initial jewelry can typically be replaced after 4-6 weeks

Healing Process

The healing process of an eyebrow piercing typically takes 3-4 months. To ensure a faster and healthier heal, it is best to avoid any contact with the area around your eyebrow and take extra caution when putting on clothes. 

Caring for your Eyebrow Piercing

Our piercers will always give you appropriate aftercare advice that has been tailored specifically to the placement of your new piercing. It’s vital that you follow the advice given by our piercing professionals as improper care can lead to the new piercing eventually becoming rejected by the body and irritations and or infections could take effect. For more advice on proper piercing aftercare or  to talk about any concerns you may be having with your new eyebrow piercing or any other type of body piercing, contact our professionals today.

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