lobesLooking to get your ear lobe pierced in Toronto & Vancouver? The ear lobe is the most common area for piercings in the world. While many assume anyone can do an ear lobe piercing at home or quickly at the mall, an experienced piercer is always the preferred choice. You can find comfort that all of the piercers Chronic Ink works with come with a wealth of experience and work to standards well above Toronto & Vancouver Public Health guidelines. We take a lot of pride in being one of the “Best Piercing Studios in Toronto & Vancouver” as rated by Blog TO. From a single earlobe to a complex piercing project, we do it all!


The holes in the lobe of the ear may be permanent or temporary depending on whether the scar tissue forms around the initial earring. This location offers a lot of flexibility in that there are many different ways to pierce it. It also offers a lot of cool opportunities for combinations with other piercings.

Popularity of Lobe Piercings

Earrings are regarded as the oldest known form of body modification. If you’re considering getting a new ear lobe piercing, then you are in the majority. Over 80 percent of all North Americans have had their ear lobes pierced at one point of their lives.

Healing Process

The typical healing process of a lobe piercing will usually take 3 to 4 months to heal (depending on how fast your body heals) To make sure your earlobe heals as fast as possible, please avoid any contact with the area around your new lobe piercing. Being indirect and reducing friction is crucial, however, if you are in a position where you need to touch the piercing, your hands and the area around the piercing should be thoroughly cleaned beforehand.  Typically, the initial jewelry can be removed after 4 to 6 weeks.

Caring for your Lobe Piercing

Many people like to consider themselves good at piercing their friend’s ears. Though it can seem harmless, this can expose your body to a multitude of risks. Not only is sanitization a major consideration when preforming a body piercing, proper placement is also an essential for proper healing. Cartilage does not contain blood vessels, but your piercing still needs oxygen and nutrients to properly heal. Because of this, it relies on small capillaries in the area. Improper placements can destroy surrounding capillaries making it difficult, if not impossible for the piercing site to heal itself.

Our piercers will always give you appropriate aftercare advice that has been tailored specifically to the placement of your new piercing. It’s important that you follow the advice given by our piercing professionals as improper care can lead to the new piercing eventually becoming rejected (very unlikely) by the body or other irritations and infections could come into play. Feel free to ask us for more advice on proper piercing aftercare for your ear lobe or any other types of body piercing.

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