Piercing Aftercare

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General Aftercare

Aftercare is the key to proper healing for preventing piercing infection. Download our essential piercing aftercare guide.


Oral Aftercare

Oral piercing aftercare requires special attention. Take special care of your mouth, lip, and tongue piercings to prevent infection.

Your mouth cannot avoid contact or use, as an ear piercing could, and is in a more bacteria rich environment. So oral piercings are more easily infected. Download the essential oral piercing aftercare guide.



We recommend and sell PurSan, a medical-grade antimicrobial soap designed for piercings. If purchasing from a pharmacy, you can also use a clear, unscented bar of glycerin soap (avoid soaps containing triclosan).

Additionally, we recommend a prepacked sterile saline solution such as H2Ocean. If purchasing from a pharmacy, ensure the product is labelled “Saline Wound Wash” and contains only sodium chloride (sea salt) and water.

Aftercare FAQs

A manageable amount of discomfort or pain accompanied by moderate swelling and redness. Some bleeding or scabbing during the first week of healing. Clear to white/yellowish fluid that commonly dries into “crusties” around the area of the piercing and onto the jewelry. Mild itching or burning/throbbing sensations throughout entire healing period.

For those that just KNOW what they want, this is easy. For others, it can be a longer process. Do some research, find images that you gravitate towards, save those and over time you will find that these images usually have a similar thread – be it subject or style or both.

Conversely, if you like a whole bunch of different things, maybe more thought is needed or you really want more than one tattoo. After your research, the best thing is to have a consultation. In your research, some studios must stand out to you, go to those ones and have a chat with them about your ideas. If the studio is any good, they will give you valuable feedback and you will be that much closer to figuring out a design. Working with your tattoo artist is one of the most important parts of choosing a tattoo design.

Tattoos are charged either by the piece or by the hour. Pieces that exceed four hours of tattooing will be charged by hour. Those under 4 hours will be charged by the piece.

The price of a piece is determined by subject, style, placement, colors, detail, and size. The hourly rates of our artists do differ, call us or come in for a consultation to find out. We don’t mind trying to give quotes online or by phone, however please understand that it’s most accurate to get quotes in person. All quotes not done in person are estimates and we reserve the right to change them if necessary.

You can rest assured that your tattoo or piercing from Chronic Ink will be done with one-time use only equipment and sanitary conditions and practises that exceed government requirements. The health department (Toronto + York Region) inspects our studio annually. All of our supplies come from reputable manufacturers and we make sure they are used well before their expiration dates.

We recommend that you wear loose, comfortable clothing to make sure that nothing will be rubbing against your fresh tattoo. Make sure you have plenty of time, and don’t have to rush off to do right something after your session. The artist will take whatever time is needed to bring your tattoo to life on your body. You certainly don’t want to rush that process. Don’t drink a lot of alcohol (under 3 drinks is recommended) or take any medication that will thin out your blood 24 hours before your tattoo.