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Titanium Implant Grade Piercing Jewellery

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Why Titanium?

We know that even higher grades of surgical steel are much more impure, and not as hypoallergenic, so it's comparatively less desirable for piercings.

High grade gold can be used as well, but they are a softer material and can damage easily. So yes, Titanium is definitely the way to go for your next piercing.

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What are the benefits
of Titanium?


Titanium jewelry is the best type of jewelry for your body.


Titanium is very low in nickle content and allows for quicker healing.


Titanium is light weight so it causes less stress on the tissue.


Titanium is a medical grade metal and is much safer for long-term wear and implantation.


Titanium has no nicks or bumps in the finish, meaning no irritation to your piercing.


Titanium is hypoallergenic by comparison to other metals, so its a much safer alternative for clients.

What kind of piercings
do we offer?

We do every kind of piercing you can imagine, here's some
of the more popular ones we do:

And many more!