Getting A Tattoo Removed

For some readers, there was a time when they wanted a tattoo. There’s value in every decision we make and this holds true when getting a tattoo. The ink may have represented a point of view, trend, memory, culture or a spontaneous decision. At that moment it felt right to have one.
The same is true about laser tattoo removal. Tattoo removal has become a popular service in Toronto & Vancouver, giving people a chance to undo part of their past. Although tattoos are becoming a mainstream standard, the demand for tattoo removal is rising.

Cutting Edge Laser Tattoo Removal Technology

Thanks to new cutting-edge laser technology, tattoo removal is more effective and efficient. The improvements have made tattoo removal more affordable than ever before. The increased popularity has resulted in a desire to know how the lasers actually work.
The science behind how tattoo removal technology works is fascinating. The size of ink particles is a determining factor in tattoo removal. The British Journal of Dermatology describes the process:
“The technique of laser diffraction is based on the principles that particles passing through a laser beam will scatter light at an angle that is inversely proportional to their size.” 
The laser breaks down the tattoo ink particles. Thus allowing them to safely pass through the digestive system.

How Tattoo Colour Affects Removal

In addition to ink particle size, tattoo colours affect the removal process. The lasers use different wavelengths to remove colours. Removal of certain coloured pigments requires specific wavelengths of light.

There are three main classes of tattoo ink particles, each with a unique reaction to the laser:

  1. Black ink particles are the smallest ink particles.
  2. Colours such as green, yellow, red and orange are mid-range in size.
  3. White ink particles are the largest.

The result of removing a colour tattoo using a laser varies from case to case. Some tattoo colours are easier to remove than others. Black ink particles, with their small size, are the easiest to remove. However, with the right percentage of reflection and the proper wavelength, any colour can be successfully removed.

The chart above shows how deeply different wavelengths penetrate the skin. The deeper that colour of wavelength penetrates the skin, the more effective it is. This can have a direct impact on the number of sessions required for a successful laser tattoo removal experience.

If you are looking for tattoo removal in Toronto & Vancouver, consult our guide on how to pick a laser tattoo removal clinic.