There are many methods to remove a tattoo. Although they are not all equally effective, there is a high demand for them since 14% of the tattooed population report regretting a tattoo. Any reason for removing a tattoo is good enough as long as it is the right reason for you.


Since every tattoo removal treatment is not equally effective we’ve written this guide to help you get the results you want. The most effective method for removing tattoos is laser tattoo removal.


Most people choose laser tattoo removal because of how safe, cost-effective, and fast it is. Whether it’s, “the best” form of tattoo removal is up to each person to decide, but read on to learn how it compares with tattoo removal cream.

Why Do People Choose Tattoo Removal Cream?

Whether because of fear of pain or the cost involved with other tattoo removal methods, some people explore tattoo removal creams as an alternative to laser tattoo removal. Review our article comparing laser tattoo removal with other tattoo removal options to see how the methods compare to one another.

Does Tattoo Removal Cream Deliver?

Tattoo removal cream promises convenient and inexpensive tattoo removal you can apply whenever and wherever you want.


Different tattoo removal creams make different claims about how quickly and effectively they work, but most promise to remove your tattoo through steady application over a period of several months to a year.


There are a few details you should be aware of to understand the risks and effectiveness of the the cream. Despite the bold claims of the producers of tattoo removal cream, their true effectiveness does not meet the hype.

Tattoo Removal Cream Takes More Time To Remove Tattoos

Establishing definitive expectations to a tattoo removal treatment which uses cream is challenging because so many variables are involved – the type of tattoo, your treatment regime, &c.


While it is very difficult to attach a definitive timeline to tattoo removal using tattoo removal cream, you see the results of laser tattoo removal immediately after the first treatment. Many find that it can take around 9 months before any progress is seen using tattoo removal creams.

Tattoo Removal Cream Is Less Effective

Tattoo removal creams have been frequently debunked by medical professionals as being at most marginally effective at removing tattoos. These creams often require several months of treatments before any visible difference can be seen. It could take months to determine that the treatment is ineffective, wasting both time and money.


The results of laser tattoo removal can be seen as early as the first appointment, with each subsequent meeting showing visible results immediately after.

Safety Concerns Of Tattoo Removal Cream

No matter how desperate you are to remove a tattoo, you should never knowingly use a product that could do permanent damage to your skin.


With any tattoo removal treatment, safety should be your primary concern and you should understand the risks of the method you are using.  


For a tattoo removal cream to be effective, it has to penetrate the top layer of skin – also known as the dermis – to reach the ink beneath. Most tattoo removal creams get their effect from powerful chemicals which are required to break down tattoo ink beneath the skin. Many tattoo removal creams include compounds that can damage your skin when used.  


While laser tattoo removal can cause some discomfort during the procedure, there will be minimal discomfort between sessions. Laser tattoo removal treatments are typically spaced 6 weeks apart while tattoo removal cream requires daily application, meaning daily discomfort.


With Laser tattoo removal you experience a few minutes of discomfort (depending on the size of the tattoo) every month and a half, while tattoo removal cream can result in daily pain.


(Laser tattoo removal after 1 Treatment)

Tattoo Removal Creams Cost More Than Alternatives

Tattoo removal creams can cost hundreds of dollars for a single month’s supply. Considering tattoo removal creams require a minimum of 9 months before showing any sign of results – if they have any effect at all – it’s not surprise that many people choose laser tattoo removal instead.

When laser tattoo removal technology was still emerging, it was prohibitively expensive. However, the cost has been fallen drastically in recent years, making it a safe, effective, and affordable option for most people.