Toronto & Vancouver is a multifaceted, heavily-populated city with diversity around every corner. Wherever you go in this city you’ll see tattoos as they continue to become more prevalent. The tattoos you’ll see are as diverse as their owners, and in a multicultural city that makes for a great deal of diversity. The variety really starts to stand out once you start to take notice. In fact, 40% of adults aged 26-40 wear tattoos in the U.S., and the numbers aren’t far off in Canada.

Getting Over The Tattoo Stigma

Many still hold on to the stigma that characterises people with tattoos as untrustworthy or rebellious, but as body art becomes more common more people are learning that the stigma is outdated and unfounded. Although tattoos are getting more mainstream acceptance, unfortunately, some people end up with designs they are not entirely happy with. Luckily, tattoo removal technology has become quite sophisticated and can be used by a skilled technician to great effect.

Toronto & Vancouver Tattoo Trends

Mini Tattoos

These tattoos are small, detailed and discrete.  They’re typically tastefully done and more of an accessory than a bold statement.  Mini tattoos are popular with people who want meaningful body art but fear the stigma so they get easily concealable mini tattoos. Don’t let their small size fool you, though, because even a small tattoo can speak volumes.


They are easy to hide, subtle, and can still have serious meaning behind them.  If done well, this type of tattoo looks very clean, elegant and distinct.  However, if a mini tattoo doesn’t come out well it’s far easier and more affordable and effective to undergo laser tattoo removal treatment


Small, detailed tattoos require  a smart, artistic tattoo artist’s eye to come out really well, just like a regular-size tattoo.

Finding a skilled tattoo artist is key to getting detailed mini tattoos done. Since a mini tattoo is done with very fine needles, making sure the hand handling those needles knows what it’s doing is critical to being satisfied with the tattoo. What’s more, mini-tattoos are more likely to fade out or change shape, so always consult with your tattoo artist if you have concerns. The worst case scenario is a mini tattoo on which the ink spreads under the skin, leaving nothing more than an amorphous blob to look at.

and staying power might be an issue as the years go by they could start looking like blobs.  It’s hard to know what they will look like over time, so an artist that has these types of tattoos in their portfolio would be the best to speak with before getting inked.  Also if done poorly and depending on the location, blowouts can happen causing lines that look blurry.  When this happens, it’s hard to treat with laser removal.

Watercolour Tattoos

Watercolour tattoos are kind of new to North America but the trend has already taken over Europe.  It takes some really skilled artists to accomplish this effect because of the way the ink must make a gradient under your skin.


Watercolours are one-of-a-kind tattoos, and the possibilities of this art form are endless.  Take any idea and turn it into a watercolour tattoo, it will most likely always look amazing as long as your artist is competent and experienced.  Watercolour tattoos can be abstract or realistic, but they are always fun.


A bad artist can really turn this type of tattoo into a colourful mess, so make sure you thoroughly examine the artist’s portfolio before making a commitment. Also, the artist will probably have to mix a lot of different inks together. Some inks cause allergic reactions and make it harder to treat during tattoo removal, so you’re doing yourself a favour by taking extra precautions.


These days you can have a portrait of your mum, your children, your pet, and even a famous celebrity looking photo-realistic tattooed on your body.  Tattoo artists have plenty of tools that help them to achieve realism and there are a plethora of artists who are capable and amazingly skilled at this. Again, the trick is finding the right one. Make sure the artist you have in mind has at least a few good looking portraits in their portfolio before you decide to go ahead with them.


How amazing would it be to honour someone in your life with a realistic tattoo of their visage?  It’s an honour and a privilege. You are literally capturing the memory of that person and inscribing it on your body, the very fabric of your being. If you find a great realistic tattoo artist, it’s entirely possible to get this type of tattoo done, and done well.


Tattoo artists capable of doing realism well usually have a very long waiting list and don’t come cheap – for good reason. It’s easy to justify the price when you consider that you are left with a meaningful piece of art that will last as long as you do.  If you are considering getting a portrait of a person, for example, a friend or a lover, there is a chance your feelings towards the individual will change.  So think before you ink, give it time, and start saving because removing portrait tattoos is far from pleasant.

Although tattoo trends all eventually go in and out of style, these ones will have staying power and will only continue to grow as the industry progresses and the stigma surrounding tattoos dissipates.  And if you should change your mind about following these trends, remember that laser tattoo removal costs in Toronto & Vancouver are going down.