Toronto Tattoo Removal Shop

In recent years tattoo culture has really taken off, and today well done tattoos are the mainstream standard. More and more artists are developing their skills to perform cleaner, nicer and overall well-executed tattoos like never before. While the general acceptance of tattoos improves, misconceptions about tattoo removal continue to grow.

Starting out we knew we had an opportunity to remove the stigma around tattoo removals. The plan: start fresh by educating.

It has become our mission to reassure tattoo artists and clients alike that laser is the safest procedure to fade a tattoo for a cover-up, making the tattoo artist’s job easier, without compromising the art selected by the client.  Yes, laser tattoo removal in Toronto is now just as popular as tattoo shops in Toronto. So we begin with the tattoo shop visits.

Tattoo Shop Visits

I have to admit that this new mission was an intimidating task for me undergo at first.  I’m a naturally friendly person. But there is always a daunting feeling at the pit of my stomach that screams, “big bad tattooist” !!  And it certainly doesn’t help that I’m in the business of taking tattoo’s off either.

I go into the shop with my hands sweaty and my stomach in knots, always trying to stay cool of course, wave my white flag and introduce myself.

Much to my surprise, after visiting my first five shops, I began to feel that I was being overly dramatic.  Tattoo artists are REALLY nice, down to earth, genuinely happy folks.

I quickly realized that laser tattoo removal is something that they were very interested in. Not only for their clients but also for themselves.  Tattoo artists are open to education about removal. They are eager to try it and talk about the importance of their clients understanding. Clients often don’t understand why tattooists suggest laser tattoo removal for cover-ups.

I’ve visited about 50 plus tattoo shops and counting in Toronto and the  GTA and I know there are many many more.  Occasionally, I still get that knot in my stomach when I go for visits. But at least now I can say I’ve met some really interesting and TALENTED artist along the way.

We are huge fans of great tattoos and the artists that create them. we also understand that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and that art is subjective.  We perform laser tattoo removal to help people, we do not judge anyone that walks through our doors.  Here are a few tattoo artist removal we are currently working on.  Happy Fading!

Tattoo Removal Before & After

Tattoo removal for a future cover-up tattoo after two treatments.

Colour Tattoo Laser Removal

Laser tattoo removal progress of multi-coloured tattoo located on the outer forearm after two treatments.

Toronto Tattoo Fading

Tattoo fading for a cover-up located on the arm, directly after one treatment.