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It’s was an excellent experience for me, it’s a clean and healthy place to go. They are all really friendly and makes you feel comfortable. Mor Mogli is an amazing artist that really…

Queynan Otzoy

Very quick and thorough. I had my cartilage pierced by Vince and he explained everything from start to finish. Made sure to ask where I wanted to the piercing and told me what…

Sylvia G

Went in to do a quote on my forearm and roman numeral dates on my chest. I wasn’t sure on how it would go since it was my first tattoo, but I’ve heard…

Justin Chan

Just had my industrial piercing done the other day, and Vince did an awesome job. He was very kind and always made sure that I knew what he was doing. Very thorough job…


I want to take a moment and thank Chronic Ink, in particular Steve Chen, for a great first time experience, not to mention the excellent work done by Steve. I would recommend…

Ed Pitek

Kevin (the Artist) was absolutely amazing, he took my reference image and educated me on the limitations it posed and how (if I was okay with artistic liberty) he would be able to…

Uday Mohan

I’ve had my eye on this place for a long time and when I went in for my tattoo, it was better than I could have imagined. The staff were gracious and accommodating,…

Stephanie Alyce

Lidia did an amazing job on my first water colour tattoo. I liked that she was chatty and the studio in general is very social and friendly. The time passed so quickly! I…

Marie-Claire Tartaglia

So today I got my first tattoo with Jeff and it was an amazing experience! Jeff really paid attention to detail and was very precise in his line work. He did a very…

Nick B


We've won over 90 awards for tattoos and piercings since we started Chronic Ink on August 8, 2008.

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Had four ear piercings done today by Liora. They look awesome! She was lovely and completely calmed me down and made sure I was comfortable before she did anything. She was also really…

Aseel Abulhab

Had to wait 2 months to get an appointment with Ray and it was well worth the wait! He did an excellent job with my tattoo and he is also an very nice…

Saim Zahid

The artist Sarb was incredible, he was sweet and understanding. My Tat come out amazing.. As a lover of gettin tat’d i highly reccomend coming in and gettin tat’d here.. Sarb Thanks for…

Hata Omerinovic

A little hesitant at first ’cause I heard it was pretty painful, buuuut it wasn’t bad at all. Lolo was pretty cool too, great artist. 10/10 would get another one. 😀

Davis Zhu

I had a dotwork lilac done and I only had a general idea of where I wanted my tattoo placed before going in and Lolo (Laurel) was really patient and kind while helping…

Irene Kim

My most recent experience was great. No complaints. Ray (the artist) did some amazing work on my piece, and is easy to talk to. we talked about Animated and Marvel movies lol good…


The best tattoo shop in the province as far as I’m concerned if not the country. Csaba always amazes me with his talent and his attention to detail. I’ve never had an artist…

Jade Pauley

Vince is the guy to see. He has an amazing demeanor and is a terrific guy. He is calm, confident and does an awesome job. Thanks for my perfect nose piercing experience really…

Leslie Swan

Zeke was the artist that did my tattoo! It was phenomenal. Zeke did an amazing job and I would highly recommend getting a tattoo from them as I am considering getting another from…

Eric Goncalves

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