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Getting Started

When first entering Chronic Ink, one of three fully trained piercers greets each and every customer, and discusses in detail the piercing process, to better find out about the client and the area they want to get pierced.

Once an area has been decided on, the jewellery and size is chosen, and then markings are made on the body in order to pinpoint the exact location for the piercing.

Types of Piercings

Needle vs. Gun

Often, the very first question asked by someone who is
considering a piercing is whether your piercing done with either a needle or a piercing gun. At Chronic Ink, we pierce customers with a needle for the following reasons:


Piercing with needles is a much more sterile process, with needles often being single use. Piercing guns on the other hand are not single use, which increases the risk of particulates being deposited onto the gun and then transferring over to the next customer.


Piercing guns force blunt-ended studs through the ear tissue, which is a painful process that can cause damage to the ear. Needles, on the other hand are hollow and razor sharp, allowing them to slice through tissue much more gently without damaging the surrounding area.


Gaining certification for use of piercing needles is a much more involved process than piercing guns, often taking years to master. A piercer who uses needles has a much better understanding of the piercing process.

Piercing Experience


From standard nose rings, to the more extensive range of body piercings, all piercers are fully trained and adhere to the highest standards of Toronto Public Health guidelines. Chronic Ink's piercers are some of the most experienced in their field, offering client's piercings in the ear, mouth, face and body.

Best Piercing Studio In Toronto


Recently voted as one of the "Best Piercing Studios in Toronto" by BlogTO, Chronic Ink offers tattoos and piercings at its two locations - midtown Toronto and Markham.

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