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How will my tattoo look?

You have the tattoo ideas but you need an artist to draw it for you. At Chronic Ink we specialize in custom tattoo designs. Whether it's small tattoos or a large body art design, let our tattoo artists bring your idea to life with a unique sketch.

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Asian Colour

Asian Black & Grey

Realism Colour

Realism Black & Grey

Watercolour Brushwork


Fine Line

Custom Lettering

Small Tattoos


Artist Spotlight


Ryan specializes in Illustrative and Blackwork Pieces

Working out of our Eglinton location, Ryan specializes in Illustrative and blackworks tattoos. Check out his work or skip the line and book an appointment now.

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Tattoo Designs by Chronic Ink

Choosing your next tattoo just got a whole lot easier

Browse custom tattoo designs created by our Chronic Ink artists. Each design is one of one, so will only be available to tattoo once. See something you like? Claim it and we’ll be in touch to set up your appointment.

Perfect Placement

Where should I place my tattoo?

Do you want to see it all the time? Do you want others to see it? Does your design require a flat surface? Are you going to add to it over time?

These are just some questions we'll be asking you when you come in for your consultation. We will work with you to help you refine your idea, select an artist, and help you pick the perfect spot on your body.

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Competitive Pricing

How much do tattoos cost?

Good tattoos aren't cheap and you don't want to be cheap with your body. Tattoo cover ups are not always possible and Tattoo Removal can be very costly so you want to do it right.

Tell us your idea and we can give you an estimate on how long your tattoo will take and how much your custom tattoo will cost. Come into one of our studio locations for a walk-in tattoo consultation and we can work through the process with you.

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Voted #1 Best Tattoo Shop in Toronto by

What started as a humble tatoo shop in Pacific Mall, Chronic Ink has become one of Toronto’s most reputable Tattoo Shops.

“Got my first tattoo done here and it was a great experience. They took the time to listen to my design ideas and made sure it would look great as a tattoo.”

— Ishaan Virani

“The shop was clean, very professional, and had great music too. Would recommend it for anyone either new or experienced.”

— Gurinder Bhatti

“Staff were great, always communicating to confirm appointments, and extremely welcoming.”

— Russell Ming-Sun

I went to the new location at Young and Gerrard. This was by far my most pleasant experience getting a tattoo.

— Caitlin Biesma

They immediately impressed me with their high standards for cleanliness, ART and customer service.

— Jay Luna

Award winning Tattoo Shop

Award-Winning Tattoos

Since starting in 2008 Chronic Ink tattoo artists and piercers have won over 90 awards. Our studios are home to the most award winning artists that tattoo in Canada.

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Tattoo Ideas

How to come up with a good tattoo idea?

Don't worry, there’s no need to rush to choose a tattoo. Get inspired from our Instagram feed. We post eye catching progress pictures from our tattoo artists along with one of a kind flash tattoo designs on a daily basis.

We believe your tattoo can be whatever you want it to be.

It can have meaning or it can just be for fashion. As long as it makes you happy, that's all that matters.

Chronic Ink Reuseable Face Masks

100% of Face Mask profits going to help front line workers.

3 Pack Logo Bundle


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Chronic Ink Logo Face Mask


Face Mask - Roses


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Taking bookings tentatively for June 1st, 2020.

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